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I may be blind but I can connect you with your lost loved ones

Now you can ask them the questions you’ve always wanted to


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Do you ever wonder if they have found peace?


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I’ve been registered as blind since birth and have been living closely with the spirit world since I was just 6 years old.  Ever since my father’s death I’ve been helping other people to communicate with the spirits of their loved ones.

I am not a fortune teller and I won’t make predictions about your life however if you’ve lost somebody close to you I may be able to prove to you that there is an afterlife.

I am an evidential medium which means I am frequently able to offer proof of life after death in intricate detail.

Watch the video on this page and see how I describe the occasion I was told by the spirit exactly what they were buried with to assure his sister he was truly at peace.  And it didn’t stop there…

Below are a few of the kind words some of the wonderful people who have come to me have said.  I feel blessed to have been part of their lives.[/text_block]

Gillian Brooker

I have known Louise now for 7 years and have watched her grow from strength to strength. She is a fantastic medium and I watch her work and give people evidence that their dear departed ones are still with them. It is so comforting.

On a personal level she has given me the most fantastic messages from the spirit world that I carry with me every day.  I am very grateful to her and recommend her to anyone who wants contact with their departed loved ones.

Gillian Brooker

Marie Hann

I had the pleasure of watching Louise Eaton in Brighton last summer and immediately booked a phone reading with her.

“Wow” is all I can say as the detailed messages she gave me from my late husband were so accurate I was blown away.

I have had another reading with her since then and I am amazed as to what was said to me.

I am 52 years old and she is the best I have ever come across. Not only that, Louise is a wonderful warm, caring person and I have told so many people about her.  I highly recommend people having a chat with her.

Marie Hann

Lorna Todd

I have known Louise Eaton for about 5 years. During that time she has proved to be a very clear channel for spirits.

She is trustworthy and reliable, with a very gentle approach to the work.

Lorna Todd


During my readings with Louise I have been amazed and very impressed with the spot-on evidence which she has given me, proving to me that there must be an afterlife.

Some of the information I have received from her was very specific and only known to myself and I was astounded at the fine detail.


Brenda Longman

I have known Louise for about four years and have found her to be a very warm and caring person.

A wonderful medium, she initially gave me an inspiring reading, bringing through family members and friends.  She has since done readings for other members of my family as well, giving excellent evidence of survival.

Louise is consistent, very insightful and informative.  In her readings, she has brought through many details of personal possessions, events and accurate information regarding loved ones who have passed into spirit.

Brenda Longman

Lynne Elliott

I attended a local Evening of Mediumship last year, Louise Eaton was the Spiritualist Medium hosting the evening.  I sat there very impressed by the evidence from spirit Louise was giving to the other people in the room, never thinking for one minute Louise would come to me.

“I have a dog with me now, a large brown dog, his name is Digby, can anyone take that?” I paused and thought that message is for me.

“I have a man accompanying the dog he is saying he is a Grandfather figure, his name is Thomas and I feel he drowned…in a canal”

I immediately knew then that the message was for me, I had a brown Standard Poodle name Digby for 11 years and my Grandad drowned in Padua, Italy whilst serving in the British Army just after the war.

Louise then went on to tell me that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of my Grandad Thomas (Something I had often wondered about considering the post war hostilities)

He was apparently out for a leisurely swim and had got into difficulties, could not get out of the canal and consequently drowned, he was alone at the time.

Shortly afterwards he was rescued by locals who tried to resuscitate him unsuccessfully.

It was not his clothes that weighed him down as he was only wearing shorts, Louise went on to describe a badge on his shorts, “The badge has an X on it” she said. The regimental badge of The Cameron Highlanders my Grandad’s regiment features a large X.

Louise concluded by saying how proud my Grandad was of me… And the dog was wondering why he is not my screensaver, this made the audience laugh out loud!

Totally mind blowing evidence, with a lighthearted hint of humour passed on to me from the Spirit World from the mouth of a very talented Spiritualist Medium – Louise Eaton

Lynne Elliott

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”50″ font_font=”Lobster%20Two” font_style=”bold%20italic” font_color=”%23ffffff” font_spacing=”-1″ font_shadow=”none” line_height=”70″]Some of the information I have received from Louise was very specific and only know to myself.
I was astounded at the fine detail…[/text_block]

Do you ever wonder if they have found peace?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I connect people with their relatives that have died so they know they are still alive.[/text_block]
  • I’m an evidential medium – I provide proof of the afterlife
  • I connect people with their relatives that have died so they know they are still alive
  • I let you know if they have found peace

If you would like to make contact with your loved ones, here is how we can meet


  • One to one

    Join me at my private house and we can talk quietly in my rooms.  Meetings at my house are often the most in-depth and revealing.

  • At a venue or private party

    I frequently appear in public to bring comfort to people and also can come to your house if you have a number of people who would like to have readings.  Find out more here

  • By phone

    If you are not able to travel to me then we can still have in-depth readings easily over the phone.

  • At the Spiritualist Church

    I am President of the Brighton & Hove Spiritualist Church & Sanctuary of Healing.  Click here for details of when we meet.

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